Beginning at the End

The end!  It seems so final. A door slamming on things that once were. It is true that life is about change..nothing stays the same.

I ended a twenty-one year teaching career in June of 2015. My thirty-three years of mothering seven children under my roof came to a halt when our youngest went out into the world this past October.

Life is not static.  The empty spaces need to be filled when you are used to being in action.  Yes, admittedly, I basked in the luxury of being able to lounge around the house, reading books and catching up on tv shows, until the lounging became monotonous.

Hence….the Beginning..

…Of my first blog!  Something I never considered doing and, quite frankly, something I did not even know about a couple of years ago.  There are other beginnings in my life as well, but I will share those in stories to come.

Why, “The Sage”?  Well, I am old..(58).  I have gained wisdom through life experiences and research. My hope is that I can share these bits of wisdom with others to improve their quality of life.

For now…the end…of my first blog!





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